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Tulsa Divorce Attorney | Who Gets The House?

This is often a common question during a divorce proceeding. It really comes down to if there are children in the picture or not.

If there are children in the picture, then the house will go to the spouse who is keeping or retaining custody of the children. In this case more than likely the mother will retain the children, therefore the mom will get to keep the house as well.

The judge will always think in the child’s best interest. Thus, it is normally in the child’s best interests to stay in the house that they are growing up in. There are few expectations to this rule.

If the mortgage is listed as being in both spouse’s names, then it is possible that if the mortgage is not being paid that the mortgage company could come after the spouse who is not living in the house in order to collect payments.

The mortgage situation will need to be resolved during the divorce. It will need to be decided if both spouses will be listed on the mortgage or if the mortgage will be handed over to the spouse who is keeping the house.

If there are no children involved, then it is an entirely different ballgame. We would advise you to talk to a Tulsa divorce attorney to determine what would happen to your house after you seek a divorce.

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