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Tulsa Divorce Attorney | What Questions Are Ask Most About Child Support

Getting A Tulsa Divorce is never clean cut things and it is possible that things can get messy. Understanding how child support works is an important part of the picture.

Your spouse’s income will end up determining how much they will end up paying for child support. If you question your former spouse’s income, it is possible to have them prove how much they are making by either providing a statement to the Judge for their taxes the past year or two. They can also be forced into providing W-2’s if you doubt their income.

What Is A Fair Payment For Child Support?

There is a calculator for child support it is located in the link. This will help you determine close the amount that you will be getting for child support.

The goal of the Court and the state of Oklahoma is to make it as fair as possible. If you question the amount or do think it is fair you will always have your Tulsa divorce attorney who will be able to stand by you and back you up if you think the amount is not fair.

What About Joint Custody?

If both parents are sharing custody and each child is spending an equal amount of time at the others house at this point child support should not be an issue because both parents are spending an equal amount of time with each other. If there is a payment to made then that can be discussed during the divorce hearing. However, in most cases joint custody does not require child support to be paid to either side.

What Happens if Child Support Is Not Paid?

In most cases you will be given a court order to pay child support if it is not being paid. If that fails to work then your wages could be garnished and you could end up in jail.

When thinking about child custody issues we highly advise you seek the council out of a Tulsa divorce attorney. As they will only be able to accurately tell you what to do or to expect.