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Tulsa Divorce Attorney | Questions You Should Ask Your Lawyer

When you are interviewing your Tulsa Divorce Attorney you want to get a good feel for how they work. You want to understand their fee structure. You want to understand how their general practice works. Do they also handle other cases besides just divorce cases? Below is a list of things you should consider asking your attorney before you hire them.

    1) You want to understand how their fee structure works. If the divorce is uncontested then the attorney will more than likely offer a flat-fee rate. You still want to understand what your attorney’s hourly rates are in case litigation does have to take place. If your divorce is a contested divorce you want to understand what the total cost your divorce should be. A Tulsa divorce attorney might not be able to give you an exact answer, but they should be able to give you a ballpark amount.
    2) You want to ask them if they know who your spouse’s attorney is. Why, because it is better if they understand how your spouse’s attorney also works. Most lawyers respect each other and you want them too respect each other. Even if you and your former spouse do not respect each other. Basically, you do not want your attorney to not like your spouse’s attorney. You want them to have a good working relationship when so many emotions are wrapped up in something like a divorce.
    3) You will want to know if they also practice other areas in law besides divorce. This is generally just a good thing to know. If your divorce is really unique then you might just want to hire a divorce attorney who only practices divorce. Many lawyers practice many different areas in the legal field. So to find a lawyer who just practices divorce is fairly unique.
    4) This might sound a little strange, but you want to meet their staff and people who help make their law firm work. If you get a good feeling about them then chances are this an attorney, you want to work with. You will often get a very good feel about the entire law firm by meeting individuals who do not just practice law.

Hiring a Tulsa divorce attorney is not an easy decision. We would encourage you to do your due diligence when hiring an attorney..

If you are looking for a Tulsa divorce attorney, please consider hiring Hanson & Hanson Law Firm. You can call us at (918) 409-0634.