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Tulsa Divorce Attorney | How To Protect Your Credit Rating During A Divorce

Getting a Divorce is never an easy thing to do. There are some things you can do to protect your credit rating during a divorce. In this process you want to protect yourself as much as possible as you do not want getting a divorce to harm your credit rating.

    1) You need to start checking your credit score often during the divorce and after to make sure that there is no damaging information is left on it.
    2) If you have any joint accounts, you need to close them as soon as possible. You of course need to be certain that you are in good standing with your creditors before these accounts are closed.
    3) Refinance your home, car or anything else in order to remove your former spouses name from what is being refinanced.
    4) Remove yourself from any phone bill or credit line that your spouses name is also on. This will keep you from being penalized if they make a late payment or do not pay at all.
    5) Start setting financial goals after getting a divorce. You do not want a divorce to take all of the life out of your income.

If there are large amount of assets which are involved in a divorce you might need to seek the help of a CPA or an accountant. Then of course a Tulsa divorce attorney will also help you determine how those assets will be split during a divorce.

A Qualified CPA or Divorce Attorney could in same cases help your remove your name from your former spouse’s accounts.

When seeking a divorce you need to seek the proper financial counsel who will be able to help you make the best financial decisions throughout the divorce process. In some cases a Tulsa divorce attorney will be able to help you with this as they will also have experience dealing with Tax Laws and estate planning. If your attorney cannot help you then they will be able to help you find a qualified CPA who will be able to make you make the right financial decisions for your future.


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